BCB not ready for revenue sharing 

Bangladesh Cricket Board said that they are not ready to go for revenue sharing model at the moment in Bangladesh Premier League, country’s lone franchise-based T20 league, scheduled from January 19.

BCB made the statement after Comilla Victorians owner Nafisa Kamal told media that she will not continue in the BPL unless revenue is shared.

“The revenue sharing is said on the basis of different model that they are using as references and we from the beginning said that we want to do BPL under our circumstances and a sustainable BPL and sustainable BPL is not only for cricket board it’s all about the franchises. The references that they are talking in those competition the franchise fees is very high and their financial structure is very high and so the model that they are doing we are not going into that model and it won’t be sustainable in terms of franchise fees and other things and financial factor that contribute to take this decision,” BCB chief executive Nizamuddin Chowdhury told reporters on Wednesday.

“Our model is not compatible with other franchise tournament and we do the BPL as per our model and market and we stick to our previous stand that is we are not going for revenue sharing and we cannot think of it under present state to sustain and continue in this BPL,” he said.


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