Liton Penalized For Violating BCB’s Code Of Conduct

During the Bangladesh Premier League 2024 match between Comilla Victorians and Rangpur Riders on February 26, Liton Das, the captain of Comilla Victorians, faced consequences for breaching the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s (BCB) Code of Conduct. Specifically, he was fined 15 percent of his match fees. The violation, as outlined in Article 2.6 of the BCB’s Code of Conduct for Players, stemmed from gestures deemed obscene, offensive, or insulting during the game. Such actions not only reflect poorly on the player but also contradict the standards of sportsmanship expected in cricket matches.

In addition to the financial penalty, Liton Das also incurred one demerit point on his disciplinary record. Accepting responsibility for his actions, Das acknowledged his offense and agreed to the penalty proposed by Match Referee Salim Shahed. This decision obviated the necessity for a formal hearing. By admitting to the breach and accepting the consequences, Das demonstrated accountability, which is crucial in upholding the integrity of the sport.

The charge against Liton Das was initiated by on-field umpires Sharfuddoula Ibne Shahid Saikat and Deighton Butler, with the backing of third umpire Tanvir Ahmed and fourth official Ali Arman. Their diligence in upholding the rules of the game ensures fairness and maintains the standards of conduct expected from players. Such enforcement mechanisms are vital in preserving the spirit of cricket and ensuring that all participants adhere to established codes of behavior.

According to the regulations governing such incidents, a Level 1 breach like the one committed by Liton Das carries varying penalties, ranging from an official reprimand to fines of up to 50 percent of a player’s match fee, along with the imposition of one or two demerit points. This framework aims to deter misconduct and promote respect and sportsmanship among players, essential elements in fostering a healthy and competitive cricketing environment.


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