Bernadine Bezuidenhout Withdraws from New Zealand’s South Africa Tour Due to Medical Condition

Bernadine Bezuidenhout, the wicket-keeper for New Zealand Women’s team, is set to return home from the South Africa tour following her medical diagnosis, which will sideline her from further participation due to post-viral pericarditis.

The diagnosis forced Bezuidenhout to withdraw from the South Africa tour after the team doctor, upon evaluation in Johannesburg, revealed the condition through specialized scans.

With an extensive record of appearances in 16 ODIs and 22 T20Is, Bezuidenhout’s absence is a notable loss for the New Zealand team. The medical experts have advised her to undertake a rest period lasting four to six weeks, limiting her physical activity during this time.

Bezuidenhout, known as a double international having previously represented South Africa before moving to New Zealand, will undergo the advised recovery phase to regain full health.

Head coach Ben Sawyer expressed the team’s empathy for Bezuidenhout’s situation, highlighting her significance within the squad and expressing disappointment over her unavailability.

“We’re truly concerned for Bernie,” Sawyer stated. “She holds a pivotal role within our team, and it’s unfortunate that she won’t be able to partake in this tour. Her determination and resilience are well-known among us, and we are confident she’ll be fully dedicated to her recovery. We’re appreciative of the excellent care provided by the doctors in South Africa, ensuring Bernie’s well-being during these challenging times.”

The New Zealand team will continue the tour without Bezuidenhout, with Izzy Gaze, originally included in the ODI squad, staying on for the T20I matches.


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