Popular BPL Squad Comilla Victorians Threaten Withdrawal from BPL Over Revenue Sharing Dispute

Comilla Victorians, four-time champions of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), have issued a stern warning, declaring their potential exit from the franchise-based T20 tournament if revenue-sharing concerns are not addressed in the upcoming season.

Franchise owner Nafisa Kamal expressed discontent three days before the BPL commencement, highlighting the challenges of sustaining their participation under the current revenue structure dictated by the BPL governing council.

Nafisa, who advocated for a revenue-sharing model in 2019, lamented the lack of progress on this front over the past four years. Despite the BPL governing council’s stance against revenue sharing in 2022, Nafisa asserted, “I will not be staying in the BPL if the revenue is not shared.”

The key issues raised by Comilla Victorians include demands for a share in ticket rights, ground rights, and media rights. Nafisa emphasized the need for franchises to have a stake in broadcasting, asserting that with shared ticket selling rights, empty seats would be a thing of the past.

Expressing frustration with the current situation, Nafisa criticized the disparity between the theoretical franchise model and the practical implementation within the BPL. She underlined the franchise’s willingness to be flexible in revenue-sharing negotiations.

Despite the willingness to find common ground, Nafisa stressed the importance of initiating discussions and expressed disappointment over the lack of engagement between franchises and organizers. She highlighted the need for mutual respect, considering franchises as significant stakeholders in the BPL.


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