Javeria Khan Bids Farewell to International Cricket

Former Pakistan captain, Javeria Khan, has announced her retirement from international cricket via a heartfelt social media post on Thursday (March 21). After a remarkable career spanning nearly 16 years, Javeria bid adieu to the sport, having represented Pakistan in 116 ODIs and 12 T20Is since her debut in 2008. Renowned as Pakistan’s second-highest run-scorer in the 50-over format with 2285 runs, Javeria leaves behind a legacy of immense contribution to her country’s cricketing journey.

Reflecting on her journey, the 35-year-old expressed gratitude for the privilege of wearing Pakistan’s jersey, despite encountering joys and sorrows along the way. “The privilege of wearing Pakistan’s jersey was way bigger than the odds that struck through my cricketing journey,” she shared in her retirement note. “I am blessed to have lived my life doing what I loved doing the most and will continue to do so.”

Javeria emphasized the evolving landscape of women’s cricket in Pakistan, highlighting the growing opportunities for aspiring female cricketers. “Now when I look back, it gives me great satisfaction to see that the path that my friends and I chose to walk on was least trodden when I started playing professionally but is now open for so many girls in Pakistan,” she stated.

While bidding farewell to the international arena, Javeria expressed her willingness to continue playing league cricket. “There is a time for everything, and now I believe is the best time to call it a day and announce my retirement. However, I’ll be available to play league cricket,” she affirmed.

Tania Mallick, PCB’s head of women’s cricket, extended gratitude to Javeria for her invaluable contributions to women’s cricket in Pakistan. “Her glittering records with the bat speak for themselves, and I am confident that her illustrious career will inspire many girls in the country to not just take up this sport but also excel at it across many years,” Mallick stated.

Although Javeria faced challenges, including losing her central contract last year due to poor form, her impact on Pakistan’s cricketing landscape remains indelible. Leading Pakistan in 16 T20Is and 17 ODIs, she served as a pivotal figure in shaping the team’s journey, both on and off the field.


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