ICC Charges Eight Individuals for Violating Emirates Cricket Board’s Anti-Corruption Code During T10 League

The International Cricket Council (ICC), acting on behalf of the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB), has levied charges against several players and officials for breaches of the ECB Anti-Corruption Code during the T10 League.

Alleged violations of the Anti-Corruption Code during the 2021 Abu Dhabi T10 League have led to charges against eight individuals, comprising players, team owners, and officials. The incidents in question involve alleged attempts to influence matches within the league.

Those facing charges include:

  • Krishan Kumar Chaudhary (team co-owner)
  • Parag Sanghvi (team co-owner)
  • Ashar Zaidi (batting coach)
  • Rizwan Javed (domestic player)
  • Saliya Saman (domestic player)
  • Sunny Dhillon (assistant coach)
  • Nasir Hossain (Bangladesh player)
  • Shadab Ahamed (team manager)

The charges encompass a range of violations under the Anti-Corruption Code, such as failure to disclose incidents of potential corrupt conduct, attempting to influence match outcomes, and offering rewards to induce other participants to breach the code.

Six of the accused individuals, namely Krishan Kumar Chaudhary, Parag Sanghvi, Azhar Zaidi, Rizwan Javed, Saliya Saman, and Sunny Dhillon, have been provisionally suspended. They have a 14-day period, starting from 19th September 2023, to respond to these charges.


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