I Was Actually A Fast Bowler When I Started Playing – Keshav Maharaj

South Africa’s left-arm spinner Keshav Maharaj said that he always wanted to be different and as a result opted to be a spinner in the land of pace bowlers. 

Keshav, number one ODI bowler at the moment, came to Bangladesh to represent Fortune Barishal in the ongoing edition of Bangladesh Premier League to explore cricket in this part of the world.

“It’s really exciting as you are getting exposed to various leagues and it’s an opportunity as well as the T20 World Cup is coming up. You will definitely try to get as much match practice and learn the various conditions that you could be facing. It’s an opportunity for the guys to put their hands up and you would never know from your country’s perspective where you were so you need to go out and play in these leagues,” Keshav said recently in an exclusive interview with Daily Sun.

“The knowledge you gain from these franchise leagues you never know when you need it. Obviously, Bangladeshi spinners are best in their condition and to learn from them when you play in the conditions is a privilege to learn it. I think learning is invaluable for everyone wherever you go in the world,” he said.

“I was actually a fast bowler when I started playing. Then I changed to spin after I got upset with a coach one day. I’ve always been someone who tries to do something different. I love spin bowling and whatever performance I can put on, I think it can inspire the next generation to feel that there is a career in spin bowling. As I said, the passion towards spin bowling has driven me over the years. We come from a land which is blessed with really good fast bowlers. I like to believe that there is a lot of talent in spin bowling. Hopefully, we will get more spinners in the coming days,” he added.


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