I Sometimes Turn Off TV- Hathurusingha On Watching BPL 

Bangladesh head coach Chandika Hathurusingha has said that the franchise T20 leagues around the world sometimes feels like a circus to him. 

The national head coach during an interview with ESPNcricinfo added that he often turns TV off when watching the BPL.

“We don’t have a proper T20 tournament. This sounds very odd but when I am watching the BPL, I sometimes turn off the TV. Some players are not even of the class,” Hathurusingha said.

“I have a big issue with the current system. The ICC needs to step in. Our board needs to do something about us. There has to be some regulations. A player is playing one tournament and then playing another tournament. It is like a circus. Players will talk about opportunities, but that’s not right. People will lose interest. I have lost interest,” the head coach said of the league, which has currently reached the playoff stage of the 10th edition of the competition.

Once regarded as the second-best league after the IPL, BPL has fallen in pecking order with more lucrative leagues such as the PSL, CPL, Big Bash and others staking a claim higher up the order. Various reasons, including poor management and facilities, controversies over match-fixing and scheduling issues has taken the sheen off the T20 tournament.

Hathurusingha feels Bangladesh needs to have a domestic T20 tournament because he feels the local players do not always get a chance in BPL franchises.

“We need to have a tournament where our players can do things – like Bangladesh players batting in the top three, Bangladesh bowlers bowling in the death. Where will we learn these things otherwise? We have only one tournament. My ideal suggestion is that we have another tournament before the BPL. A franchise does what it wants. Some of my best players are not playing [the BPL]. So then how do you expect the Bangladesh team be up with the other teams? I am fighting a steep battle,” said Hathurusingha, who spoke in detail about his second stint in Bangladesh and his plans for the team in future.


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