I Am Enjoying Golf – Curtis Campher 

Chattogram Challengers Ireland recruit Curtis Campher branded the Bangladesh Premier League competitive, adding that the tournament is the key for the Bangladesh Cricket Board to find some youngsters for their national set-up. He also revealed that although he had to lock himself into the hotel room during his last trip to Dhaka, nevertheless, this time he is enjoying playing golf and going out.

Q. Before coming into this season of the BPL, you also visited Dhaka earlier to feature for the Ireland national cricket team. How do you enjoy leaving here?

Campher: Yeah, it has been very nice; actually, it is nice to come back here and roam around. I played golf yesterday. It was really nice to get out. When I came for the first time, I used to stay in hotels, but now I travel around when it is an off day.

Q. How would you evaluate the BPL?

Campher: It is really competitive out there. It provides a good opportunity for the players, both local and overseas. It allows local talents to step up and perform. It is the key for Bangladesh to find two or three players for their national side.

Q. Other than the Bangladesh Premier League, there are numerous franchise meets across the globe. Where is the BPL standing in terms of standards?

Campher: It is really tough to say as I am only playing in the BPL. I definitely think when it comes to T20s, you know the IPL tournament is currently holding the second spot. I think BPL and ILT are fighting for the third spot. A lot of big names are coming back to play off season. I think it is really good for BPL, which has been really good so far.

Q. Given the opportunities in the BPL, how much is it possible to become an acceptable T20 performer?

Campher: Yeah, obviously, you are kind of… I think I am coming to play second time, the taste of the game in different departments is really good. You know, the fours and sixes sometimes mount pressure. I think I have been learning a lot, as it’s a fair contest between bat and ball. You know, sometimes the T20 goes too much towards the batters. So it is good to see that bowlers get some time to stay.

Q. The kind of cricket you are playing in this season, what is your expectation from the tournament?  

Campher: Yeah, obviously, just to get a few games and prepare myself for further time in the winter. So coming here is a way of kicking off the year with a preparation; hitting the ground running is kind of the key before going to a series against Afghanistan and then the T20 World Cup. It is an ideal place to go to prepare for the T20 World Cup. So I have the opportunity to do things nicely.

Q. What possible results are you anticipating from the tournament as a team?

Campher: Yeah, obviously, we have done really well in the first part of the tournament on the back of our momentum. You know it is nice not to go back- -to-back and lost, and it is nice to go good and win. We are kind of set to move towards the play-offs. Hopefully we are going to head for another two good games, one in Dhaka, and then we will head for another show at our home, Chattogram.

NA: We know that you  are a South Africa born Irish. So how have you managed to move yourself to your current home in the United Kingdom?

Campher: My family residence is in Africa. I left when I was twenty years old, after finishing university. I went there to play club cricket and was roped in to play for the national side. My grandparents are Irish, so I have a long history with Ireland. I have played cricket, grown up over there, and had the kind of fortune to get a job.

NA: How welcoming were you to the Irish national cricket team?

Campher: Yeah, massively. I think I found a best friend over there and continued the friendship for years. Then I used to be integrated into Irish society. I was really welcoming.


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