Herath Rejects BCB’s Offer 

Bangladesh Cricket Board said on Saturday that their former spin bowling coach Rangana Herath rejected their offer to continue with them in the coming days.

 It was learnt that the BCB has proposed a new role to Herath, more in line with a spin mentor, working with slow bowlers across various age groups, rather than being the spin coach for the national cricket team.

As per the new offer letter, Herath is expected to spend 200 days in Bangladesh, guiding spinners across the country, instead of serving as the national team’s spin coach on an annual basis.

“Herath is not with us. The offer we made to him he did not accept and so he is no more with us,” BCB cricket operation chairman Jalal Yunus told reporters at Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium on Saturday.

Herath earlier said that he received the offer letter but stated that he will make a call only after speaking with his lawyer though he looked excited with the prospect of having a 200-day contract.

 “I will speak to my lawyer and need to go through that, and I will respond as soon as possible,” the legendary left-arm spinner was quoted in Cricbuzz. 

Discussing the proposed arrangement of 200 days per year, Herath expressed enthusiasm, stating, “I am pretty keen on working that way because, you know, since we don’t have many spin bowling coaches, I’d like to get together with whoever we have at the moment to share my knowledge and expertise with the coaches as well as with the players.”

He emphasized his desire to develop a solid foundation for spinners, saying, “That’s what I always say (mentoring spinners of Bangladesh). Even in the last two and a half years, I worked with the national team and conducted three to four spin bowling camps. I would like to continue the same thing, and I am sure all the spinners will be on the same page. That’s the main idea so that we can work together once we have a proper base.”


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