Habibul Plans To Introduce School Cricket, Scholarships For Girls 

Newly appointed head of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) Women’s wing Habibul Bashar hinted that he has plans to introduce school cricket and scholarships for girls.  

“I think if we can have school cricket for women it will be a huge step forward. I would like to go to different schools and try to promote women’s cricket and take others like current cricketers with me to help different school authorities understand the importance of women’s cricket,” he told the reporters on Tuesday. 

“I am happy to have David Moore (BCB program head) with me and now will see we can have scholarships like the way we had for men’s cricket when we send some cricketers outside the country for better training so that they can develop and perform and have many such plans like this,” he added.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) confirmed that they have appointed former national skipper and former national selector Habibul Bashar as new head of their women’s cricket department.

The announcement came after a meeting of the women’s wing, chaired by its chairman Nadel Chowdhury, at the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Mirpur on this day. 

“There is a scope to work in this field. Certainly, the recent result of the women’s team inspired me to take up the job,” he said after taking charge during the meeting. 

BCB is planning to have franchise cricket for women’s in the coming days and Habibul believed it will be a huge boost for the women’s cricket if the board eventually manage to introduce T20 tournaments for women cricketers.

“I think if franchise cricket takes place the focus will increase on women’s cricket.  The more matches we play the better because it will create opportunities for everyone,” he said adding that he is eyeing to have scholarships for women’s cricket.

“I would like to play as many matches as possible and if franchise-cricket takes place it will certainly be helpful but along the way we also need to put focus on women’s cricket because here the focus is very limited,” the former national skipper concluded.


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