Group B: An Epic Race for the T20 World Cup Semi-Final

Twenty teams from different corners of the globe have met this year in the USA and West Indies, and their aim is on 29th June when the final match is to be in action. However, the tournament has already said goodbye to 12 teams, and the remaining “Super 8” teams are fighting to eliminate another four to secure their spots in the Semis.

The competition is getting intense with each game being played. The battle of stamina and skill is now in action! Between these two groups, our focus, here, will be on Group B to see how this part of the surviving teams are doing!

Group B Scenario after Playing 1 Match Each

South Africa110+0.900
West Indies101-1.343

The rule is simple here, reach the top two and enter the semifinal phase!  Each team has played at least 1 match and has at least 1 match in hand to keep survival in Group B. While securing a win, the teams also want to maintain a good NRR since this can be a deciding factor. Remember, when three teams have the same points out of four in a group, the NRR will become the only way to rank higher in such a scenario!

Let’s see the possibility of each team qualifying for Super 8.

England: A comfortable position after Winning the 1st Game

The group stage did not go well for England, considering their strength and professionalism they show in big stages. The match against Scotland was abandoned, where Scotland scored 90 for no loss before the rain came! They even had to wait for the result of the Australia vs Scotland match to get confirmation of qualification for Super 8. However, that’s already past for them, and they were looking forward to a fresh start, so they did it.

In the first match, England had to face West Indies, the host and one of the most deserving candidates of the tournament, and they got full marks in the West Indies exam! England’s batting depth showed its strength, and it won the battle.

Now, they have remaining games against South Africa and the USA. Even if they concede 2 points against South Africa, they will have a chance to keep themselves in the top 2 of this group. However, they need to keep the momentum with wins and NRR.

South Africa: “The Chokers” Are Looking Forward to Change the History

The previous record of South Africa implies that they are usually so unlucky in such global tournaments. But the scenario is different this time. They have won close matches against Netherlands and Bangladesh, where they were lucky in some cases.

In the first match, they faced the USA, the wonder of this tournament. There is no way to consider them as a weaker opponent. It is worth remembering that Pakistan’s former champion would have been their opponent if the USA had not been here. That’s why defeating the USA was not easy, and South Africa has done it.

They have remaining matches against the West Indies and England. All the matches are essential for them, too. The USA and West Indies can threaten them; therefore, they must increase the NRR in the next matches. While they can still afford a loss, they won’t want that!

USA: The Wonder of T20 World Cup 2024

The team, constructed mainly by players from countries other than the USA, has surprised everyone with the Super Over win against Pakistan, the former champion and runner-up of the last T20 World Cup held in 2022. The cricket fans are waiting for another surprise from them in the Super 8, and this is not weird.

Though Untied States lost their first match against South Africa, they didn’t simply surrender to them; instead, they fought till the end. Even after losing the first match, they are alive in the tournament. However, they have two must-win matches against West Indies and England, leaving them no option but to win! Let’s see how they deal with it!

West Indies: The Co-host with a Bunch of Big Hitters

The team, made up of players from the Caribbean islands, have won the title two times previously. They were considered the hot Favorite this time and were also playing like that. However, the problem in the bowling department was known and exposed in front of England’s lethal batting lineup.

Now it’s like they are to score too many runs because their bowling unit is not strong enough to defend a low total! They have already lost their first game against England and have remaining games with South Africa and the USA, where they have won against both.

West Indies are now relying on their big hitters and looking forward to grabbing the co-host advantage. The competition is intense, and there is no way to make further mistakes for West Indies. Let’s see if they can make the apparent comeback in their next match against the USA.

Predictions on the Key Factors

While this year’s T20 World Cup is still bowlers-dominated, the batters will now make the difference. The weather is vital as it has already played a significant role in washing away the dream of Pakistan with an abandoned match between Ireland and the USA.

The abandoned match between Scotland and England is also vital to closing the door for Scotland. There are no reserve days in Super 8 matches, and the teams will share equal points if a game cannot end.

So, the teams are to consider the rain probability, the DLS calculations and the possible pitch change after rain. Besides the performances of some key players, these things are to impact the results significantly!


So, that’s it as of now! Each of the teams is still in the race. Interestingly, the pitch condition plays a significant role in this World Cup. When we had witnessed some low-scoring thrillers, the Super 8 matches for both groups experienced comparatively higher scores so far.

Things are supposed to be more complex with more matches played, and the drama will start when three teams get the same points! Let’s sit tight and wait for some thrilling shows to enjoy!   


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